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Carli’s kindergarten is a Reggio inspired nursery. Named after an Italian town, the approach was
developed by a teacher to incorporate learning experiences within the children’s surrounding
environments within a self-guided curriculum. Research has proved that it
is the best way to develop the child’s creativity, curiosity and discovery.
A key difference in adopting the Reggio Emilia approach is that it favours versatility over a pre-conceived notion of what
education should be; incorporating their surroundings and resources. The Reggio approach uses
open ended materials so that children can extend their imagination and develop their creativity.

With the environment being the third teacher, it is inviting, inspiring, provoking and rich with
opportunity. Our practitioners work with the indoor and outdoor environment to ensure the space
children use is a source of rich learning opportunities.

Each child is valued as strong, capable and resilient, rich with wonder and knowledge. Every child
brings with them deep curiosity and potential and this innate curiosity drives their interest to
understand their world and their place within it.
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